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Taking Light into the Dark Places of the World
Venerable Yeshe Chodron ordained as a nun in 2001. She discovered Buddhism whilst travelling in Nepal and India at the age of 17 on a search for the meaning of life. Coming back to Australia after a year of study and practice in monasteries, she helped run a Buddhist Centre in Sydney and trained with her teacher Khenpo Ngawang Dhamchoe for five years whilst working as well.

Upon ordaining as a nun at the age of 23 Venerable Yeshe, found like the majority of Western monastics before her that there was very little care or support for Western monastics, people preferring to access Tibetan Lamas who are already trained. She had no where to live and had to beg on traditional alms round to get food, she stayed with various friends and in garden sheds. She engaged in teaching Dharma in HIV hospices, schools, drug and alchohol rehab centres and trained as a yoga teacher.

Coming to India in 2004, Venerable Yeshe studied for two years in a monastery, but felt a need to make Buddhism accessable and socially engaged, whilst still trying to maintain her contemplative way of life. She met Indian Buddhists in 2005 and has been working with them ever since. Her teachers are Sakya Trizen (the second highest Lama in Tibetan Buddhism) and Ven Thich Nhat Hanh, the nobel peace prize poet and peace activist.

Ayya Yeshe Bodhicitta is the author of 'Everyday Enlightenment' published by Harper Collins and is featured in the documentaries 'life beyong the begging bowl' and 'Through the Eastern Gate'.
Our Founder -
Ayya Yeshe Bodhicitta
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Direct from women in the Nagpur slums to the buyers...
"Its a way people can directly empower slum women and enjoy good quality hand made craft."
- Sister Yeshe. Approximate cost $150.
For more information contact Ayya Yeshe
For only AU$40 a month, you can sponsor a poor child in Nagpur, India. Your sponsorship can pay for school fees, transport, uniforms, books, tuition and extra food. Your will receive photos, updates and letters from your child.
Contact Ayya Yeshe for more information.
- Western monks and nuns sponsorship and dialogue programme
- Counselling and Dharma teaching in the West by donation
- Visiting Jails/hospitals and teaching meditation
- Teaching Dharma/meditation in Drug and Alcohol rehab Centres (when volunteers are available)
KALYANAMITRA means spiritual friend. The Kalyanamitra fund is a socially engaged, grass roots Buddhist charity and spiritual group that embodies the Buddhist principles of peace, compassion and equality to try and transform individuals and society, to remove the roots of suffering and offer help to some of the most oppressed people in the world. The Fund was established in 2002.
Social Work in India
Social Work in the West
(Known as Bhikshuni Bodhicitta in India)
Children from our malnourished children's food programme get one nourishing meal a day
Young Girls Enjoying Temporary Ordination
We held a 'little nuns ordination' for young women to deepen their spiritual practice and have fun. Most of the day the children would study and learn meditation and in the evenings we took them to a park or boating (which is a chance slum children seldom get). Lets just say monastic life is looking more attractive now…
contact us:
One of our Tuition Teachers.
Daily tuition classes continue to expand, and with study the slum children have the chance to gain better employment in the future and break out of poverty.
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Children from Nagpur marching to
end world hunger.
Paintings by Ayya Yeshe of the spiritual and life of service can be commissioned for AU$650 in part to sponsor slum children.

Order 2015 calendars now!
Featuring inspiring and colourful images from Bodhicitta Foundation's work in India.
Contact Ayya Yeshe to order.
Only $25 plus $5 postage.
Order a "Dakini" CD
Professionally made chanting CDs with Ayya Yeshe and Indian world music group India Jiva.
Cost is $28 including postage.
Proceeds go to slum children. Contact Ayya Yeshe for CD orders
- Women's job training and community centre
- Tuition Centre for slum children (to help them get jobs and enhance their humanity and access to information)
- Malnourishment programme for slum children (1/3 of the world's malnourished children live in India)
- Counselling for poor and traumatized people / drug and alcohol / domestic violence victims
- Sponsorship for poor children to go to school
- Sponsorship for poor young people to go to university
- Accompanying poor and uneducated people to hospital and assisting with the cost of healthcare
- Women's empowerment through skills and psychological development
- Job training/placement
- Help with basic housing
- Spiritual teachings and meditation (which are very much needed in the often dark and oppressive environments of slums)
- Youth groups (to uplift youth, help them deal with depression, anger management, study pressure and help them grow into ethical and compassionate adults)
- Sunday schools for small slum children
- Sponsorship for monks and nuns
Latest Newsletter
Ayya Yeshe giving toys and friendship in the slum in Nagpur.

Read the article "Nun of the Slum" by Kathy Graham which describes Ayya Yeshe's spiritual journey, rewarding work and colourful life!
TALK: How to Care for the Community
Thurs 30th Oct 4pm at 21 Teaspoons Café, Wellington

Sat 1st Nov 2pm at Western Plains Cultural Centre, Dubbo

WORKSHOP: Heal Your Heart
Sun 2nd Nov 2-5pm $30 at Pranayoga Centre, Bathurst

Sun 2nd Nov 7pm $40 at Tamarin Indian Restaurant, Bathurst

Sat 8th Nov 9:30 - 11am Talk and Chanting Performance
12-2pm Heal Your Heart Workshop at Organic Feast, East Maitland
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